The Digital Youth Divas program has been featured in city and national media outlets and has been the subject of internal DYN mini-documentaries.

Media Mentions and Outreach

parent and child working on e-card activity
DYD and family engagement (2018)
Read about DYD as a case study in Family Engagement: Taking it to the Next Level by Drs. Linda Kekelis and Kara Sammet.

DYD on Medium (2019)
DYD is featured in Dr. Lina Kekelis’ article titled How Do We Achieve Computer Science for All?.

DYD NSF video showcase (2017)
Featured in the 2017 National Science Foundation video showcase, Research & Design for Impact, the DYD submission describes the Caring Adult Network (DYD CAN), a series of workshops for parents and other caring adults implemented in conjunction the DYD program.

DYD in Ozobot (2017)
DYD is featured as one of Ozobot’s 25 Girls-Only STEAM Programs We Love in this blog post centering around women in STEAM.

DYD as Connected Learning (2017)
Read about DYD as an exemplary STEM connected learning opportunity in Mimi Ito’s How to Get Kids Into Coding — 10 Myths and Realities

DYD on You & Me (2016)
PI Nichole Pinkard and a few of the girls visit the Chicago morning talkshow You & Me to talk about the Digital Youth Divas program and showcase some of their wearable technology.

DYD NSF video showcase (2016)
The DYD submission to the 2016 National Science Foundation video showcase, Advancing STEM Learning For All, won a Presenter’s Choice Award and shares the story of one cohort of girls as they go through a unit focused on electronic fabrication.

DYD in EdSurge (2016)
PI Nichole Pinkard and DYD are mentioned in the EdSurge article ‘Diversity Does Not Happen By Accident’ and Other Lessons About Equity in the Maker Movement, synthesizing a panel organized by the Stanford Graduate School of Education.

DYD in the Chicago Tribune (2015)
In Digital Divas weave STEM into fashion and dance challenges, the Chicago Tribune visits the Digital Youth Divas summer program and gets a first-hand look at the girls’ experiences and opportunities.


DYN Documentaries

From February to May 2016, videographers documented the Digital Youth Divas program to learn about the program from participating girls, mentors, and parents. Each video provides a snapshot of one week in Digital Youth Divas, highlighting how learning, activities, and community unfolded over the course of the program.

Episode 1: Decoding a message using color theory

Episode 2: Learning about circuitry

Episode 3: Creating an LED-embedded mood flower

Episode 4: Stitching and troubleshooting

Episode 5: Showcasing and connecting at a citywide event

Episode 6: Creating e-Cuffs and checking in with parents

Episode 7: Reflecting on the program

Episode 8: Showcasing with parents